Flocked Christmas Trees

flocked artificial christmas trees
Grand Noble Fir Pre-lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree
7.5 feet Grand Noble Fir Pre-lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

Perfect and ideal Christmas tree for every home- features includes, 71/2 feet tall with 1,930 tips, over 8,00 crystal clear light and entire tree is flocked all round giving the lovely appearance of snow fall. Beauty stands out after decorations with different ornaments and garlands. Extremely very easy to set up and install in minutes. This is the perfect masterpiece for your living room this Christmas season. Guaranteed to give that sparkled and warm gentle feeling of Christmas to your home. Click Here For More Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees Like These!


Pre Lit Alaskan Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

This 41/2 feet pre lit artificial Christmas tree comes with a variety of features. These includes: heavily flocked on all it’s pine needle like tips, these tips makes beautiful branches than supports lots of ornaments. With it’s 3,49 tips, PVC material, 41/2′ high, 44 inch diameter base, 3,00 clear mini lights (when one bulb dies the rest stays on) and hinged branch construction makes this Alaskan Flocked Christmas tree our heaviest flocked tree. Click Here For Similar flocked Trees

Multicolored 7.5’ Pre-Lit Flocked Mesabi artificial Christmas Tree

Multicolored 71/2′ Pre-Lit Flocked Mesabi artificial Christmas Tree

Very unique Mesabi pine Christmas tree with 71/2′ by 60″ diameter base, 8,17 needle like pine tips, 4,50 multi colored mini lights thats guaranteed to spice up your Christmas mood and appeal.

No dull moment looking and admiring this tree. Being a multi colored tree,  it’s easy to blend with the internal decorations in your home. Perfect fit for most homes.

Click Here For More Trees Like These!

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